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A bite is a perk of invention, which increases the probability of an important penetration by the second% for the rank of the perk slapping. All this does not combine with the established effect of the armor of the priest of war from tusk. Among other things, the established effect of the procedure may take precedence over the advantage, regardless of which influence is greater. It also happens to be formed in the manner of weapons and armor. Since the abilities that cause damage after a long time cannot cause significant blows, the bite does not affect such knowledge.

When a bite strikes an important blow, the message "you are striking a significant blow to your opponent!" Appears..

- All indicators in parentheses refer to the transfer of the 20th stage.Content

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Privilege comparison

For skills with damage varying by a quarter-100%; the ratio is one and a half:


Navigate to the calculator's web page to study the extended documentation. The minimum hits of most skills are twenty percent of their maximum hit, but many abilities additionally show short hits. In this case, you have the opportunity to change the minimum and maximum number of hits, however, leaving them in power from 20 green% to one hundred percent%, you can get the correct damage improvement indicators for most talents.

Let(preliminary rating, preliminary rating 1) let(eqrank, eqrank1) let(bitrank, bitrank1) let(minimum rating, ability 1) let(maximum rating, ability 1) let(normal rating, (maximum rating minimum rating)/2) let (level 20, level 20_1)

If (minhit

Control a list of damage increases for numerous accurate and balanced combos, given a certain bite rank. In the case when you want to sort the tables by increasing the harm, take into account that the refresh page appears so that you can be re-sorted if you change the bite rating.